20+ full-time Java experts

Eklib Software is a team of like-minded professionals. Our employees specialize in software development using React, Java, and Angular. Their work experience is more than 3 years. Almost all of our employees are graduates or masters in information technology, mathematical physics, applied mathematics, and other information technology-related fields. Many of them started working with us as senior students or immediately after graduation.
Because education is highly valued, each member of our team is not just a programmer, but a highly educated professional with extensive knowledge and experience at all stages of the software development life cycle. Most of the employees have skills in several specialties (project management, development using multiple programming languages). This is the company’s policy aimed at minimizing project risks associated with the supply of resources.

Our Values

We share common values which guide us through every project


Great just isn’t good enough, do work you can be proud of


Focus on quality, not on quantity. Provide value for our clients


Stay hungry, always try to get deeper, develop your knowledge


We keep our promises and never let our colleagues or customers down

We want to guide as many companies as we can through the digital transformation process and share our knowledge with them to build a modern, high-tech, innovative world together. We deliver change that solves problems, leads to more efficiency, security, and profitability, in an environment of partnership and mutual trust