Professional development and intervention platform for schools

Web Development

A web-platform that uses algorithms, insights, and real-time monitoring to match the right interventions to the right students, and help them thrive. The platform is designed to be a structured approach to coaching. It takes everything a coach does now on paper and in Google Docs/Drive and puts it into a web application with a flow so that they do it the same way every time they work with a new teacher or new students. In addition to coaches, the platform can also be used by parents, school management, and other staff. Also, it has intuitive, customizable dashboards based on user roles. The platform is constantly being improved and new functionality is being added

Industries: Education

Solution: Portals, Notifications, Chat, Real-time monitoring

Technologies and tools: Typescript, React, Redux, React-Bootstrap

Testimonial: The Eklib team iterated on the coaching application MVP to generalize the platform for broader usage and did an amazing job. Focusing on the frontend React app, they collaborated with our design team, product team, and another backend development team in another time zone and were pivotal in making the project a success. In development for over 2 years, the team was consistent, delivered on time, and developed a manageable codebase that was well-tested, a marked difference from my experience with other teams. The developers are extremely responsive, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with. Great people and a great job done

Professional development and intervention platform for schools
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