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DDS is a 3D derrick (flare- supporting) design software, for Analysis & Design of all types of fixed derricks supporting multiple flares, primarily used in the combustion industry, automatically designed as per: Indian Standards, US Standards, European Standards

DDS enables direct intelligent export capabilities with Tekla TM & AVEVA E3D TM.

DDS can be used to support multiple Flares placed inside, outside, or both in multiple combinations.

There is a unique option of modeling Liquid Seals and Molecular Seals including nozzles with integrated local FEA analysis.


  1. Integration with Flare
  2. 3D-visualisation of profiles and elements of structure
  3. Structural elements graph


  1. Creating connections between the tower and flares. Attaching flares and connections data to tower analysis
  2. Creating 3D-objects by parameters from database and from user
  3. Generating and updating the graph of elements during model design


  1. Ability to analyze the tower with flares as an additional load
  2. Getting the correct model with real parameters
  3. Ability to automatically, quickly and correctly update elements when changing a separate part

Industries: Engineering sector, Industry

Solution: Collaboration, Integration

Technologies and tools: React, Redux, TypeScript, ThreeJS, BluepringJS, Papaparse, Java, Spring


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