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PDS is a 3D Piperack design software, a ready tool for Analysis & Design of all types of Piperacks of a variety of dimensions and attachments for any possible combination of multiple racks in orthogonal directions.

The software offers direct intelligent export capabilities with Tekla TM and AVEVA E3D TM.

It allows to form piperack layout in any orthogonal direction.

Load combinations and factors can be customized as needed.

This exciting new technology will enable customers to log in from anywhere on the cloud, and yet safeguard their own data at their end.


  1. Platform for 3D design
  2. Management of model parameters through UI
  3. Several models at the same time


  1. Creating a responsive 3d scene and setting it up. Opening, creating, changing, deleting, saving models and their elements.
  2. Creating a user-friendly interface with separated parts for each types of model elements
  3. Creating UI and internal structure of application that provides the ability to work with several models at the same time 


  1. Ability to create a project, set up a scene and work on a model at any time
  2. A simple and intuitive interface that reflects all the necessary data for working with the model and which allows to change this data
  3. Ability to work with several models as a single system

Industries: Engineering sector, Industry

Solution: Collaboration, Integration

Technologies and tools: React, Redux, TypeScript, ThreeJS, BluepringJS, Papaparse, Java, Spring

URL: https://www.asetslux.com/products/piperack-design/

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