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When it comes to delivering top-notch DevOps services, there’s no one who can match us ‘stack for stack’. Get into the habit of hiring the best. Hire Remote Teams DevOps Consulting Services. 
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Get Into The Habit Of Hiring The Best

Our teams move fluidly across development and operations, leveraging cross-training, specialist knowhow, experience, and processes to take you to the next level of process management smoothly, seamlessly, effortlessly

Continuous Integration

With CI, we banish issues related to merging code and bugs. Consequently, your updates will be transformed through automation and smoother Integration

Continuous Delivery

With continuous development in devops, updates are validated thoroughly. The build, test and non-production multi-dimensional testing prior to deployment fully validates applications

DevOps As a Service

Our virtual development tools helps clients to transition to DevOps model post identification of business drivers and challenges intrinsic to each business. We bridge the gap to accelerated delivery by bringing in flexibility, collaboration and automation

DevOps Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of functional areas helps in putting together pointed recommendations for areas of improvement. Identifying pain points is key to successful deployment across the enterprise

DevOps Automation

Fully automated delivery cycles manage processes and deployments smoothly. Processes in pipelines move seamlessly with lesser costs, with fewer delays

DevOps Management

Agile and lean processes combine throughout project lifecycle for delivering objectives effortlessly. Automation and monitoring of various stages of the project contribute to slashed development cycles and a reliable launch

Service Virtualization

We have mastered the simulation processes of components. This lends us the flexibility to carry out integration testing in the early stages of development

Test Tool Automation

Our robust test tool automation covers performance, load, accessibility, security and monitoring of production. We leverage automation towards high speed software delivery

Operational Analytics

We rely on operational analytics to detect, fix and pre-empt problems from manifesting. This process of extraction, analysis and reporting is automatic, helping us gain valuable insights

Release Planning & Monitoring

We orchestrate the deployment process through superior planning, perfect scheduling and optimised control of the software across multiple stages and various environments

The Process That We Follow

At Remote Teams, we created a process specifically for all our DevOps projects. This process boosts our speed and efficiency by many folds. Below are mentioned all the stages of the process that we follow for all our DevOps services

Forge a Partnership

The partnerships we forge with clients are intended to leverage mutual best practices to support client operations with greater flexibility


This is the phase where we get into the various cycles of development, testing and deployment of infrastructure that has been live tested by clients

Enhancing / Improvements

We constantly look for ways to improve deliverables by bringing in necessary changes. Change is not just what we preach, but something we practice


Our support is not fettered by processes. It is proactive and collaborative. We plan support and development, not just respond to a need or requirement