SaaS system of sending threats alerts

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SaaS system of sending alerts about different threats like a firestorm, water flood, and such other things that occur in specific areas. The system can be configured per instance and customer with many options.

For sending alerts it used many so-called channels (SMS, location-based SMS, voice, cell broadcast, email, fax, and others). The sender can select a region on the map to send messages to recipients in this area. There are many functions in the system that can be optionally configured such messages that can be prepopulated for sending over channels, map area regions to be sent to, specific recipients with emails and mobile numbers, recipients groups, prepared templates for sending that combines all from above.

For sending messages for the map area region, the system integrates with different telcos. There is a status screen where you can overview the status of all messages that were sent for recipients and you can check details for each sent message with the statistic of how many recipients got it. Also, this statistic can be generated in report representation.

Industries: Public sector, Software manufacturers

Solution: Geolocation, Portals, Collaboration

Technologies and tools: Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Eclipse Link,  JSP,  Ember JS, AngularJS(Typescript),  JQuery, H2, MSSQL, Jasper Report,  Jenkins,  Git, Gerrit, Jira, Confluence

SaaS system of sending threats alerts
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