Employee Monitoring Software

Web Development

A system of automatic control of employees includes time tracking, assessment productivity, and report generation. This system consists of 3 applications (backend, frontend, desktop app) and has 5 roles with different capabilities. There is the possibility of creating companies, divisions, and projects, as well as inviting employees to them by email. The desktop application collects information from an employee (screenshots of the desktop, the number of keystrokes of the keyboard and mouse, etc.). 

An automatic employee control system, the tracking system takes screenshots of desktop, collects number of mouse clicks and keyboards, includes creating statistic reports, creating new companies, departments and projects, inviting and registration new users. The system has localizations.

Industries: IT, Industry, Office.

Solution: HR management, Management.

Technologies and tools: Java, MySQL, Spring, Spring Security,  Git, Hibernate, React, TypeScript,  Redux, Thunk, Material-UI, JSX, CSS, Tomcat, Node.js, Maven, Jenkins, JSON, JavaFX.

Employee Monitoring Software
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